S e s s i o n  W o r k

'As a music production facility for composers and songwriters, as well as recording studio, MRC is always in need of quality musicians and vocalists to help clients realise their projects. Victoria is one such wonderfully diverse and talented vocalist who jumped in at the last minute to assist us with the preparation of tracks for an international company desperate to get their latest advertising campaign to air...We had a great time nailing them and certainly wouldn’t have achieved this without Victoria’s pro approach and velvet tone. She’s smart, creative and cool to work with, and in a tight situation like this that really counts for something. She’s now at the top of our shortlist – need we say anymore?' 

David Finch - The Mobile Recording Company - www.mrcrecording.co.uk

Victoria has eight years of both live and studio experience in an ecclectic variety of genres including Pop, Jazz, Dance, Blues, Soul, Rock, Classical and Musical Theatre.  She has performed extensively over this time and taken on a wide range of projects including demo show-reels for prospective West End shows, principal choral soloist, charity releases, independent film soundtracks and recording and releasing an EP of her own material.  Victoria reads music with ease and has a natural ear and feel for what the music needs. 

Victoria's combination of extensive training and natural vocal versatility allows her to tailor vocals to almost any style while maintaining musical integrity.  She is equally comfortable with lead or backing and well used to blending with other singers due to years of choral and backing experience, including a lot of acapella singing.

 A strong classical and choral background was developed from a young age and Victoria has worked with numerous choirs, ranging from chamber music and madrigals to acapella world music.  Later on she began to specialise in jazz , soul and blues influenced singing, particularly keen on improvisation and emotive vocalisation.   She also has experience of working with electronic genres and can provide quality vocals for sampling, loops and other processed recording purposes.  See 'current projects' for more information on a dub-step album Victoria features on, due for release in 2011.  

With additional skills as a pianist and songwriter, Victoria is always keen to collaborate wherever appropriate.   She is comfortable with providing creative input if needed, developing melodies and hooks through improvisational techniques. 

"Victoria is a passionate and soulful singer with a creative mind and good communication skills.  She loves singing in many styles and thrives on being able to sing classical and operatic styles just as well as jazz or pop.  The above, combined with an all-round musicality and ability to read music make her an easy and rewarding person to work with in any situation".